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! ! ! !captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning. student demonstrators shutdown a street over tuition did hands. >> terry mcsweeney joins us live at mission bay. >> reporter: the regents are meeting in this building behind me. a short time ago, a number of people in the room there, not necessarily students, disrupted it they came up and started shouting, the regents were cleared from the room. protesters were told to stop or they would be he courted out they left on their own. -- it is not just inside, they are making noise outside too many take a listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the signs say roll back debt and free public
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educating. this follows a sleep-out protesters spending the night out here. the regents are meeting in the building behind me a from where the protesters were gathering. earlier this week they backed off a vote on plans to increase fees for graduate professional greece statewide. a protester says he's a grad student we'll hear his concerns and follow that with uc's side. >> asking people to pay $13,000 per year to go to school is way too much. it has gone up three times in the last 10 years. >> we did not have an increase this year, 45% of our students don't pay at all. if you have an income less than $80,000 you do not pay tuition. the average cost is $4400. >> reporter: at meeting today between protests and
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disruptions the regents did hear from the public most critical of the cost at uc campuses. the vice president who we heard from says not a lot of students here most are on campus these people may be member of labor groups having their own separate dispute with uc. the vice president also said he was very, very pleased with the passage of prop 30 going to allow for $120 million dollars to flow to the uc system. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. vallejo investigators looking at a of suspicious fires that out near each other in a few short hours. going up in smoke a bar, a house and a veterinarian's office. that last location is where we find amy hollyfield live. >> reporter: fire investigator are still on the scene of this pet clinic. they are very determined to
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catch who is doing this they find it upsetting that someone has such little regard for property and firefighters' lives. this was the second fire of the night, the village bar started burning before 3:00 a.m.. firefighters were already suspicious, then couldn't believe it when the call of a third fire came in. all three looked suspicious, all within 12 hours of each other. >> someone is lighting fires, we are doing our bet to find out who it is. we are working with the police department with our investigative team and we are doing the best we can to find the suspect. >> reporter: the first fire was at a vacant home on alabama street 8:30 last night. then the bar after closing around 3:00. 7:25, a third fire at a pet clinic this is part of a disturbing trend going on for a while. >> over the last six to eight months we've had fires with the similar modus operandi. sporadic in terms of time of
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day or night, sporadic in terms of the day of the week. no specific pattern. >> reporter: the fires keep happening at empty buildings suggesting the arsonist doesn't want to hurt anyone. the owner of the pet hospital told us someone usually sleeps in the residental part of the building, they just weren't here last night. firefighters say there are all the people next door like the four members of the family next door to the animal clinic, when the fire started. >> hopefully, the people causing these fires get found and -- you know face consequences for what they are doing. >> reporter: police tell us and firefighters say no one has been hurt in these fires, fortunately. they are worried someone could get hurt so they are determined to catch this person as soon as they can. police say all fires look similar they don't have a
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suspect. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in san francisco, firefighters say a wall heater sparked a fire in an apartment building early this morning this fire started shortly after 2:00 in the dubose triangle neighborhood between 15th and henry. everybody had to rush out with little time, they got out safely. officials say one of the six units uninhabitable the others have smoke and water damage. katt williams faces assault with a deadly weapon charges after being arrested in oakland. he was taken into custody last night after an 18-year-old berkeley man told police he been hit in the head by a bottle thrown from katt's tour vehicle parked outside the hotel. the 41-year-old was not jailed. police say the questioning continues. an antioch woman called the abc7 newsroom this morning
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in tears after her baby's ashes were stolen during a home burglary. she sent this photo of the ur in containing her child's ashes, gabriel passed way in january. she said she doesn't care about the other items taken, she is pleading anyone with information call antioch police. happening right now, minor headache for drivers in the mission district after a wild pursuit took out the light at a busy intersection. crews are working to repair those lights. they are hoping to have them restored in 20 minutes or so. the chp says the driver of a jeep involved, hit a parked car and damaged a control box for the traffic lights, this is where chase ended, chp says it began near the bay bridge 2:00 this morning. it continued to 15th, where the driver struck a parked car pushing that car into a bicyclist that bike was crushed, cyclist taken to the hospital the 23 year woman driving that jeep faces felony
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dui and hit-and-run charges. police say she was previously convicted of a d ui. antioch police investigating fatal shooting of 32-year-old man at an apartment complex police call the bomb squad after finding what was thought to be an ied. they determined it was not, so far the man's identity has not been released. united airlines says thousands are on tear way to destinations after a computer glitch stranded them for hours this morning. -- at least 10 flights were delayed when the airlines' computers went down in morning the outage laughed two hours before the computer was fixed. we asked an sfo official what the problem was? >> it was the system that focuses on cargo loading of some flights. everything is back normal in terms of their computer system we may see some reindividual
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wall arrival delays. >> today's marks a third major come putter system issue for the chicago-based -- airline since june >> right now a hearing underway looking into the connection between california's oil refineries and sudden spike in gas prices. new research shows refineries continued to produce gasoline during periods we the public was told otherwise. the information comes from mccullough research which combed through found thousands of pages of documents. transportation reporter heather ishimaru will have a full report tonight. breaking news on the bp oil spill an executive has been indicted on charges he lied to authorities about the amount of oil leaking from the spill. the oil giant has agreed to pay 4 1/2 billion dollars in a landmark settle for causing the biggest spill in united states history terms of that deal released this morning in addition, bp agreed
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to plead guilty to 11 fell misconduct charges for the deaths of the men who died. the settlement is said to be paid over five years. still ahead, he admitted the affair. former cia director petraeus is denying another aspect of his sex scandal as big names rush to defend general john allen's reputation. new fear of all-out war in the mideast. the airstrikes goin
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some big names if government are coming to the defense of john allen. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with today's developments, including petraeus' first interview since the scandal. >> reporter: in that interview, general petraeus says, he never gave his mistress, paula broadwell any classified information. there's more focus on general allen. right now he would be testifying at his own confirmation hearing. instead, others are defending his reputation. hearings are underway to confirm general allen's replacement as commander in afghanistan. he can't move on until he's cleared of wrongdoing in a broader sex scandal. the fbi is investigating possibly flirtatious e-mails between him and a florida socialite jill kelley. >> i continue to believe that general allen is one of our
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best military leaders. continue to have confidence in the ability to lead the war in afghanistan as well as to serve in the post for which he's now been nominated. >> reporter: from thailand defense secretary panetta echoed the sentiment. >> i have tremendous confidence in general allen. certainly, his ability and his leadership and i don't think anybody ought to jump to any conclusions as to where any of this will lead. >> reporter: panetta wants it to lead to a review of military ethics training. panetta refused to talk about e-mails between allen and kelley that came to light after kelley went to the fbi after getting threatening messages that made her think someone was stalking her and her friend cia director petraeus. kelley reached out to 47-year-old fbi agent fred humphries whose lawyer tells abc news he launched the investigation and went to
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congress when he thought there was a cover-up. >> if we hadn't had avoid who believed in right and wrong we might not have gotten to where we are today. >> reporter: the case leads back to petraeus and whether his affair compromised national security. in his first interview he said he did not give classified information to paula broadwell. the fbi said she had classified documents on her computer. the fbi us is benned broadwell's security clearance. katie marzullo, abc7 news. breaking news out of the mideast. real fear this afternoon an all-out war between israel and hamas. israeli ground troops massing for what appears to be a ground offensive into the gaza strip that follows hamas' rocket attacks deep into israel some landing in suburban tel aviv. unconfirmed reports of three
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israel -- israeli casualties. 15 casualties, including civilians following yesterday's air strike that killed hamas' top military commander. meteorologist mike nicco, keeping a close eye on that rain coming our way soon. >> just about five more hours of daylight and dry weather, to get youries finished before the rain when it comes it is going to come in waves and it is going to be here all weekend. we'll try to give you a timetable and how much you are going to get. also, the investigation into whether 5 hour energy drinks are dangerous, even deadly for some. hostess says it is not kidding, why the company is vowing to shutdown in three hours and
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there is a new health alert about the popular energy drink 5 hour energy. federal officials say the ding a factor in at least 13 death -- say the drink may have been a factor in at least 13 deaths over the last four
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years. the fda says it will take action if it can link deaths to consumption of that energy drink it could include taking the drinks off the market. hostess is threatening to shutdown if a workers' strike doesn't end by this afternoon. the company said if enough striking workers don't return to work by 2 p.m. our time it will ask a bankruptcy judge for permission to shutdown and sell its assets. workers at the bakery in oakland are among those striking hostess says it doesn't have the resources to survive an ongoing national strike. >> whoa! >> sad. >> a little bit. >> classic, kids love 'em. >> yeah, people losing jobs, you don't want to hear that. >> in the meantime we are getting ready for rain, right? >> right, you need to get ready going to come in waves throughout the weekend you have to plan your outdoor activities accordingly. good morning. here's san jose this morning,
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still see a few breaks in the cloud cover, one other place you can see from sutro tower to the east some of the thicker clouds that have roamed through we even had virga out there rainfall from mid level clouds evaporated before it reached the ground going to keep temperatures cooler evaporation and dimming of the sun by the clouds. live doppler, there are no radar returns now, just picking up mainly dry air, you may get a sprinkle or two with the clouds during the afternoon visible satellite you see them coming from the south another key to the forecast the wind is coming from the south mainly upper 50s to lower 60s, upper 50s to mid 60s around the monterey bay and inland this is not one of those cold systems coming from alaska, going to be more likely saturday into sunday, increasing clouds this afternoon, mainly dry, rainy periods off and on rain friday through sunday. even unsettled weather next week best chance now of that
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rain staying in the north bay. something we'll keep an eye on. here's temperatures today, mid to upper 60s for the bay inland along the coast, mainly low 60s, may spike up to mid 60 here and there inland upper 60s to 70° rain rolls in tonight tomorrow's morning commute the first affected by the rain mild tonight 40s inland low to mid 50s for the rest of us. high pressure holding down the fort getting overrun by the high, mid level and lower clouds will come in tonight and bring the rain from this area of low pressure this is storm system number one. this is the one that will bring waves of rain tomorrow. watching the clouds roll in even a few scattered showers after sunset is possible, especially over the ocean. then by tomorrow morning, rain starts to roll in for the morning commute, another batch of waves of rain rolling through, and another batch as
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we head towards the afternoon and evening, evening may see heavier, steadier rain through saturday morning. saturday afternoon may get a small break here comes the second system coming down from alaska that will buy widespread rain and showers -- that will bring widespread rain and showers into sunday morning. sunday afternoon we may get another break. like to be out one day this weekend. quarter in our lower amounts to 3/4 around the baena would be mainly south bay quarter after inch up to an inch and a half in our mountains healthy rain coming our way. not a ton of cool air with that next system as it comes from alaska, upper 50s to low to mid 60s sunday. the storm track shifts far enough north the north bay has a chance for monday to wednesday to get rain still mild in the mid 60s. >> we'll take it. >> not much snow from this
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system. >> snow level about 7,000 feet. >> thanks mike. still ahead, a look at what's hot this weekend. >> including [ male announcer ] introducing... a new way to save on your prescriptions. it's the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. with this plan, you can get copays as low as a dollar through a preferred network pharmacy like walgreens -- where you'll find 8,000 convenient locations. best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium
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in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens.
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at 4:00, a gun range is letting customers take aim at each other. at 5 getting to the bottom of why a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a school festival. those stories and more later today at 4 and 5. there's a lot to do in the bay area this weekend.
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>> don sanchez has what's hot. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. !
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